Emerge: Photographs


I want to take you on a journey into this forest.  It is a dense place, filled with an abundance of growth.  Tangles of branches and masses of rhododendron leaves at times completely fill a given space. Lush, deep greens dominate; the reddish bark of branches and limbs exist alongside hints of water and sky that appear occasionally.  An image of a meandering branch emerges to become a line. An incised line first appears as negative space and then shifts and seems as if it is now drawn. A pop and flash of light bleaches out color on a branch, washing out clusters of leaves and deepening shadows. An inky darkness, mimicking nighttime, contrasts with the brightly illuminated surfaces. Sometimes the light we see is actual daylight recorded; at others it is artificial light manipulating the scene, variously flattening the space or deepening it, pushing it further back from us.   Can you tease out this space, understand it, what you are perceiving, seeing or not seeing? There is a sense of mystery here, of images revealed while simultaneously they are obscured and manipulated.

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