Shadowland: Statement


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Entering this place of landscapes with brilliant, sun bleached surfaces we are met with images of rock, root, limb, brush, sky and dirt. The sunlight creates blown out highlights and deep shadow. Perception is significant here. What is being controlled by the artist, and by the camera? How does memory affect what we see in this type of landscape (both yours and mine)? We are confronted by the romance and the otherness of nature.

Upon closer inspection cracks, crevices, shadow and form are marked by a painted line or shape on the surface of the photograph. I create shadows where none had existed previously, revealing or extending a shadow while changing and shifting the shape within the original image. What was once receding is now seen in foreground. An interplay between concealing and revealing draws the viewer in, calling attention to previously unconsidered spaces while covering and denying access to others.

In shadow there are hidden places where just enough light registers an image within. Drawn marks alter that darkened space calling awareness to that which we might typically give only glancing attention. I want the viewer to call into question what they are seeing. Careful consideration is required to see the image in full, a slowing down is needed. Much like a walk in nature, if we slow our pace down enough to experience our environment we can step into these worlds of manipulated landscapes and find ourselves transported to this other familiar yet unknown place.